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Artists have used a variety of mediums throughout history to communicate their creative ideas and express themselves. Canvas is one such medium which has endured the test of time. Canvas has been used in art for centuries and with good reason. Here are some benefits to using custom canvas for your art.


Canvas is a versatile and adaptable surface. Canvas is available in a variety of formats, including stretched canvas, panels and rolls. This allows artists to select the format best suited to their artistic needs. Stretched canvas can be hung immediately, making it a convenient option for finished artwork. Canvas panels and rolls offer more flexibility and portability.

Canvas is also a versatile medium that can be used with a variety of art styles and techniques. Oil paints, acrylics and watercolors can be used on canvas. Canvas’ absorbent quality allows for the layering of colors and creating vibrant textures.

Durability, longevity and long-term viability

Canvas is known to be durable and able to stand the test of time. Canvas is stronger and more resistant to damage than other surfaces such as cardboard or paper. Canvas is a durable material that can be stretched, transported, and displayed. It’s a great choice for artists who want to create artworks with longevity.

When properly maintained and prepared, canvas will be less likely to yellow and fade. This is especially important for oil-painting artists, since the canvas serves as a barrier that prevents direct contact between paint and the external elements.

Professional Display

Canvas gives artworks a polished and professional appearance, which enhances their presentation. Stretched canvas is a great option for artists because its smooth surface eliminates the need to frame it. Absence of frames allows viewers to concentrate on the artwork without distractions.

The texture of the canvas also adds visual depth and interest to the piece. The weave pattern on the canvas interacts subtly with the brushstrokes, adding a unique touch to the final piece.

Archival quality

Canvas has been used by artists for centuries and is an excellent archive medium. Canvas can preserve artworks, if it is properly cared for and prepared. Canvases of professional grade are often made with high-quality materials that are acid-free. This ensures long-term stability, and prevents the degradation of artwork over time.

Canvas is also easy to restore and conserve if necessary. Restorers are able to repair damage, clean the surface and re-varnish artworks without compromising their integrity. Artists who are concerned with the value and longevity of their work will find this attribute essential.


Canvas is a versatile and abundant surface that can be used for artistic expression. Artwork created on canvas will last a lifetime and be preserved for future generations.

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